<aside> ⚠️ This is a free template for you to use. The primary blog post that describes what is in this template can be accessed here: Notion Writing Log Template.

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This page is a focus area for my writing. In it, I will list long term to-do's that are aimed at supporting my writing.

Here is where I will list to-do's for writing-centric projects as well as trainings. I will document writing projects I am engaged in and lastly, a writing log to track my writing for these projects as well as practice.

To-Do List

Writing Projects

Writing Log

<aside> ☝ The writing log can be as detailed as you need. Tag your writing session with the project, the date, and enter your starting and ending word counts. If you track time, input your time in minutes and document your location.

My goal was to track my word count with time—how many words I write in an hour—and to see if the location had an impact. Open each session and add details and comments about your writing session to review at a later time.

Feel free to delete these call-out blocks as well as the formula code blocks below.

Learn More: **https://askmark.io/my-notion-writing-log-template/**


Formula Code

# Diff Formula
prop("End") - prop("Start")
# Hours Formula
format(round(toNumber(prop("Time In Minutes") / 60)))

<aside> ⚙ This is v1.3 of the Writing Log Template.

Change Log v1.3 - Added two new columns for Category to track fiction or non, and Type to track writing versus revision work. ( August 23, 2020) v1.2 - Updated documentation to display formula code. v1.1 - Added rounding to the Hours Formula for the Writing Log table. v1.0 - Initial Release